The Inn at Lost Creek Telluride CO Review

4.5 Stars (4.5 / 5)

Let’s take a look and find out what The Inn at Lost Creek, Telluride, Colorado has to offer:

The staff at The Inn at Lost Creek are extremely friendly and make sure that you have a homey stay. The people in the hotel are committed to their work. They even make sure that the skis of their guests are all spick and span. The ski valet provided by the hotel only for their sophisticated guests is much appreciated.

The Inn offers one of the best lodging facilities and has utterly cozy and luxurious rooms. Depending upon the suite selected by you, you can even treat yourself to one that offers private hot tubs with beautiful views of the sunset. You can select any room and the view just gets better. Some rooms are, although, not as spacious and big but they are sure to have a usable kitchen, washer and dryer.

The Lost Inn is a perfect couple getaway. The location is perfect whenever you both want to go out skiing together and enjoy a fantastic service. Even if you are there with your family, personalized service is utterly beneficial. It is also an excellent location because a number of restaurants and ski lifts are present within the walking distance.

Not just for a stay, the staff is also amazing. These people clear away all apprehensions about just anything. Even if you don’t want to go to the place, just ring them up. They will help you in every way they can, even over the phone! However, the staff provided us with slightly different information about the timing of breakfast.

The Inn at Lost Creek is pet-friendly. Now, this is something worth mentioning over here because once you take a pet to a hotel, it really sets the bar high for them. From availing a dog bed to treating the puppies with organic feed and great care and affection, they prove to be one of the best.

Moreover, during midnight the hotel might sound like a bar full of drunken frat boys. No doubt the staff is friendly but there is nothing they can do about this situation.