French Quarter Inn Charleston SC Review

4.5 Stars (4.5 / 5)

To begin with, the valet staff are very nice, accommodating and quite customer oriented, the staff work very hard!

Their continental breakfast is quite decent and is nothing like what one would expect from an inn i.e. cold donuts and cold cereal, there was excellent hot coffee, Pastries and Quiche and there were the items to make a mimosa if you want to have that. All the breakfast items were not only delicious, but they were fresh too. You have the choice to get the breakfast delivered to your room if you do not wish to socialize.

In the afternoon, you are served with fine wine and cheese. Port and cookies are served in the evening. Cleaning service makes sure that you are well settled and have anything that you need. Bedsheets and towels are replaced which is quite impressive in hot summer days where you might opt out for a midday shower. Hygiene matters a lot and with the excellent cleaning service and the rooms being clean, the atmosphere is quite welcoming, charming and fancy without being overdone.

Every good Inn is not all about the food or the services that it offers but its staff is what makes it worth staying. Staff in French Quarter Inn are very friendly and are an absolute delight to talk to. If asked about recommendations for places for dinner, there will be a car picking you up in a matter of minutes and you will be escorted to one the best restaurants in Charleston that you might not be able to find on your own.

However, even though the location is great the prices according to the services that they provide are quite high. The front desk staff is wonderful but the in-room services were unsatisfactory considering the rates. Many people have said that this hotel is quite pricey, and they expected more.

The suites can be a little ‘old’ smelling with small bathrooms and one sink. The bathtubs are not as clean as one would expect for them to be. There were complications with something as simple as making a reservation, with the staff not paying enough attention and forgetting about the reservation altogether.

But French Quarter is located in a nice place this hotel is worth visiting again.

French Quarter Inn
166 Church St
Charleston, SC 29401
(843) 722-1900