Primland Meadows of Dan VA Review

4.5 Stars (4.5 / 5)

Primland in Meadows of Dan is one of the best places that you can spend any kind of holiday especially honeymoons. Every aspect of your stay is well thought out and the cottages are spacious and very luxurious. The views are breathtaking and you end up enjoying every second of your stay here.

One of the things that will definitely stand out is the food that is absolutely delicious. The chef’s table and all food are amazing and the services here are top notch.

The Primland staff are very nice people who are determined to make your stay worthwhile while taking care of any needs that may arise. This is a peaceful place for a holiday with an environment that is very beautiful.

One of the most amazing things about Primland Meadows is the fact you have a wide variety of accommodations that you can choose from. From tree houses and cottages to the main lodge, you will find someplace suitable for your holiday.

The lodge has some of the most spacious and accommodating rooms with amazing views of the surroundings. You also get to enjoy shampoos, shower gels, lots of soaps, slippers, luxurious robes, and double sinks. The bathrooms have real glasses, which makes them even more attractive and homely. You get many clean fresh towels too and that is a big deal for anyone spending time away from home.

There are also facilities to make coffee and tea with real cream available. You also have an option to purchase snacks, wine, juice, soda and so on all within the room. They prices are marked very clearly. Cookies are also available as well as bottled water.

If you want to keep warm, there are three fireplaces in the lounge area and a fire place that can be used during the evenings. You can also get either a pub experience or gourmet dining all depending on what you prefer. There is a heated pool that is clean and a hot tub too.

Primland pays attention to little details and this is what makes it such an enjoyable place to stay. This is a great place to arrive during the daytime and though it is not low priced, it is totally worth the money. It does not matter what weather conditions are prevailing here, you still end up having a great time with friendly and professional staff.

On the downside some of the tree houses are a little neglected and need some maintenance and cleaning. Some are rusty with bugs all over and mildew covers the wood especially in the shower areas. There are leaves and plants in some of the tree houses and even though it is normal to have dead leaves, they should be cleaned occasionally to clear the mess.

The main lodge also needs some attention to give the much-needed five star treatments. There is a game room too. However, this area needs some updates and repairs too. The table pool is still functional and you can have a great time here.

2000 Busted Rock Rd
Meadows of Dan, VA 24120
(866) 960-7746